A story about a story

Disclaimer: #Fiction #BasedOnATrueStory

The pungent smell of the recently sprayed room freshener tickled his nostrils. He looked around. A stereotypical office cabin. The glass wall of the cabin was decorated with a collage of photographs taken at various team events. A printout of what looked like salary details of some employees was lying carelessly on the desk. The mini book shelf was half filled by untouched books published by Harvard Business Review. Most of them were about employee engagement, managing team, building a high-performance team and similar topics. The remaining half of the shelf was filled with mugs of different size and colours with various quotes equivalent of ‘You reek awesomeness’. A colourful cushion of geometrically impossible patterns was seated on the ergonomically designed black MerryFair chair. A perfectly slanted wooden laptop desk was placed on the regular desk. A similarly perfectly slanted wooden pedestal was placed on the floor facing the chair. A pen-holder was filled with pens of all the colours of the spectrum with the company’s name embossed. A green bamboo plant was dancing lightly to the mild breeze from the raucous air conditioner. It’s supposed to bring luck. He wondered how his own luck would turn out to be that day. After all, he managed to clear six technical rounds of interviews with flavours of the same set of questions googled. This was his final HR discussion.

A fresh fragrance of a costly perfume entered the room followed by the loud steps of mistimed catwalk. He turned around to greet the person and she beamed a big smile signalling him to sit.

“Hi! I am Manisha. I am the HR partner for the department that is hiring for the position you had applied. “

“Hi. I’m Rakesh”

“Glad to meet you Rakesh. Sorry to keep you waiting for a while. The meeting that we had with the head of this office about organizing the New Year event went longer than expected”

“No problem. I had the opportunity to watch your bamboo plant grow a little bit. It was wonderful. You have a lovely office”

“Thank you, Rakesh. By the way, do you have a copy of your resume? Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to print a copy”

“Sure, here it is. I took one extra copy while taking some printouts for the last 6 rounds of interviews. My brother runs a copier shop”

“Give me two minutes while I go through your resume”

“Take your time”



“Oh! Sorry Manisha. I lost myself watching the bamboo plant grow. I didn’t hear you calling me”

“Tell me about yourselves”

“What would you like to know about me?”

“What do you do outside office work? Do you have any hobbies?”

“Hobbies?” he asked in a doubtful tone. Her face shrunk a little bit. He had to handle this situation somehow. His fate of getting a job was dangling by the weak thread of hobbies. Six rounds of heavy technical rounds could not equal this one question on the weighing scale. The first two objects that his sight fell upon, while thinking how to answer this eternal question, were the book and a pen. He got his Eureka moment.

“I write”

“You mean documentation?”

“No, no. My writing is not at an expert level to write documentation. I write fictions”

“Wow. You write fiction? That’s amazing. What genre?”

“Anything that I feel like. Still learning”

“Why don’t you narrate the story of your most recent fiction?”

He felt awkward. He was cursing his luck.

“I am not good at narrating stories. My friends say that a mute can tell better stories than me”

He tried to dodge the bullet of stupidity while trying to think about the next step.

“Oh, come on! I am sure it will not be bad. Give me a summary”

She wasn’t going to leave him. His only work of fiction was the set of answers to Physics examination while at the University. Clock was ticking and he had to cook up some story. He appeared calm on the outside but it was chaos inside his head. He suddenly remembered the movie that he saw the previous night. 50 first dates.

“Okay, since you insist. This story is about a girl who loses her memory after an accident. She remembers everything till the day of the accident. She loses the memory of all the days after the accident. Each day she wakes up, it is the first day after the accident for her. So her life is on a reset mode every day. She meets and falls in love with a local guy everyday as if she has never met him before “

“Wow! Sounds interesting. Was it inspired by Memento or Ghajini?”

“Not exactly. May be a little bit”

“Okay. Please continue…”

“It may take a while to explain the full story. I am just a techie. I have time. But you are an important person in this company. I don’t want to disturb your company’s operations by taking your time. “

“Oh, no problem. I will handle it.”

“Okay. Please stop me if you need to go”

He started explaining his work of fiction from the title cards.


How not to be a stupid

A wise man once said, ‘A little knowledge is dangerous’. This is true. We face problems all the time. But sometimes, we just don’t do enough work to get to the root of the problem and fix the main cause. Instead, we see certain symptoms and start assuming the root cause of the problem. And whatever we find after that always seem to strengthen the assumption.

I had posted yesterday about my luck with the migration and how I lost the subscribers. Well, it turns out that I was stupid. There were many in that post that were factually incorrect.

  1. The export from the source blog during the migration never had the subscribers list. It only exports content.
  2. My laptop crashed. That is true. But the export was available on another laptop. I stumbled upon it by sheer luck. But yes, the export didn’t help.
  3. I did not lose my subscribers. They have been successfully migrated to my new domain.
  4. I posted in the wrong blog. I assumed I will have the subscribers intact in both old as well as the new blog. Greedy!

I could have given a little more time and I would have figured that this was not a real problem. But, hey, it gave me two blog posts. So, no complaints.

PS: Special thanks to EricMWalk from Blogging Meetup for offering to help if I need anything for my self-hosted blog. Thank you!