Blogging is surely fun, isn’t it? After posting few crappy entries and few serious entries there was a long gap. I haven’t posted for quite a while now. You may think that I have lost interest in blogging or I do not have time to blog. Both are untrue. The actual fact is that I was not able to decide about the topic for the post.  You can post any crap entries but even the crappier posts need a topic, right? I cannot title it ‘Random’ and type A->Z in any random order. That’s not going to help me but lead me towards the dead end.

It struck me on a particular day in November that I almost forgot owning a blog site. Somehow, I managed to login to the site after quite a few attempts. There are cobwebs in this part of the brain which holds the passwords, you know? After logging in and checking the blog stats that were lower than the recession, I had no idea on what to write about? So I had to logout.

Someday in the December, I was so free that I started thinking about posting in my site.

The hurdle remained unmoved – no topic. Can I write about the drastic changes that I observe in the Bangalore climate or about me not visiting Chennai for a long stretch? Can I write about the incident that I dreamt or about the accident that I saw?  All looked not so motivating.

There came a notable change in my work. My decision to change the department and my efforts to achieve it – Once it was done, I thought why can’t I write about that experience? As you would have guessed by now, I was not so inspired to blog about this.

There came a week’s shutdown and I spent 9 full days at home completely with my kid. I almost decided to blog something in accordance to that. But again, lost inspiration after a couple of days.

Then came the New Year. Why can’t I write anything about how 2009 was for me? There were few important and happy moments for sure – my visit to US, birth of my daughter, my decision to shift role, my bro getting a new job, diwali @ Madurai and so on. I even started drafting the post. Alas! I had to discontinue.

I had to make Pongal one day and hey, idea – ‘Basic Pongal Recipe’. ‘Nope’, said my alter. Not worth it. There are thousands of sites with recipes. Okay. What next? ‘Basic Lemon Rice’ ? No way. ‘My wife’s takes on cakes’? – of course, I don’t want to invite trouble 😉 .  ‘Careless hum causing painful gums?’ – forget it.

And here I am, still undecided about what to post about. Any idea guys?