The speed at which children learn things is amazing. They are always curios to learn. My daughter, Malu, is also learning things very fast. She recently learnt to stick out her tongue and make a sound ‘brruurrrrph’ spraying out a mini-fountain of saliva.  Kids not only learn things faster but also learn how and when to use them appropriately.  I was playing with my daughter the other day and this is what happened:

Me: Where is Malu kutty?

Malu: mmmmm (broad smile)

Me: Malu is the best kid, isn’t she?

Malu: mmm (broad smile, again!)

Me: Malu is the most obedient kid, isn’t she?

Malu: mmmmm (broad smile, yet again)

Me: I am the best dad, ain’t I?

Malu: brruurrrrph.. (This time the laughter was ROTF type)