Something was not right. I was unable to sleep. I could feel my eyes burning and my head a bit heavy.  I wasn’t able to catch up with enough sleep the previous night and exploited my brain by thinking over an unnecessarily blown up issue today.  The result: tiredness.  I put on my headphones playing Thunderstorm and rainfall sound that I had download earlier and closed my eyes to catch up with some sleep.  As the clip progressed I slowly calmed down and started to listen to the pitter patter unknowingly.  I felt like I was getting down with the rainfall onto the trees of lush green woods.  Slowly I questioned myself.

How wonderful it would have been to live amidst the nature without having to rush and compete through the so called developed post-industrial revolution city life? Wonderful.

Why can’t we do that? Because we will be left back in the race

Why the race? This race or madness is the sign of progression

What did we achieve through this progression? Name, fame and wealth

Did everybody get that? No.

Then what is progression? Is it personal or social? Moot point. Personal progression that aided social progression.

What do one gain out of personal progression? Name, fame and wealth again.

What after earning those? He leaves back a legacy

Legacy of what?  His name in the history. Recognition. Wealth for his future generations.

He is immortal? No. his name is.

How does that benefit him or others? Is that benefit eternal? I don’t think so?

Now coming back to the question again.. why do we need to progress? To show that we are a superior race

I agree. So what have we achieved? Landed on moon, researching space, predict eclipses and what not?

Predict eclipses spending so much money, effort and time of so many people.  Our ancestors used to predict that without any instrument. So how do we call that a progression?  It’s just an example. We have progressed in medical field also. We have found cure for so many diseases.

But there were no such diseases earlier. We had Ayurveda and other alternative medical systems appropriate to the vegetation people lived. As the lifestyle changed, new diseases set in. Can we call that a progression?  I don’t know.

What would have happened if there was no industrial revolution? There would have been no jobs.

Why do people work in industries? To earn

And? Lead a comfortable life

Exactly how?  Like by buying machines that could wash

Wasn’t that a product of industrial-revolution? Yes. Exactly my point.

What would have happened if there was no industrial revolution? No washing machine

And more time to wash clothes? Yeah, probably if he is not farming

And nothing to race for? There are other things to race far. Name and fame was a motivation since long time. Industrial revolution wasn’t the reason.

I agree. But not everbody was into the race? Yes.

What happens when you are only one who swims in the pond? I can swim at ease

What happens when 5 or 6 people swim? Space issues. But still will be able to swim

What happens when 100 swim in a pond? No place to swim

So? Chaos

So? People choke to death. Stressed out.

So? They look for things that can help them relax like meditation, massage

And what if people see that as business? Adds more to the chaos.

What will happen if everyone follows these as daily ritual instead of obtaining it as service? Minimizes atleast that chaos.  Practically not possible because people don’t have time.

Why no time? They are racing ahead

What’s the destination? Fame, name and money

And then?  Die peacefully

Which is better – to die peacefully or to live peacefully? To live peacefully

Then why madly race?? Don’t know


Just when I thought I am going to get enlightened I was woken up from my sleep: “It’s time for your meeting! Wake up! “ Let the race begin.