Hi there!

I’m Sadagopan and I am a desk/keyboard ninja (Read: IT professional). I started this blog few years back and have been regularly irregular since then. When I started, it was like a new year resolution – all pumped up and excited to write about whatever I encounter/hear about only to lose the charm gradually. But I do keep it active by posting something or the other whenever possible.


There were few goals that I set to myself about this blog

– Do not post any thing serious

– Do not post anything technical

– Do not have a theme for blog

I breached the first two of the three and I don’t think I will breach the third any time soon. Possibly, because I cannot find a theme at all how much ever I think through.

I like sarcasm and I like humor (who doesn’t). I try to add a touch of humor to most of my posts, failing miserably sometimes. But there are people who find those funny as well(not my failing, the touch of humor!). Power to them.

To cut the long story short, I like writing about random stuffs that do not make any sense, full of typo, while trying to make it sound interesting.  And oh, btw, I have more fingers than followers 🙂