Task for Day 8 on Blogging 101 was to say hi to neighbours and comment in their blog posts. And for Day 9, the task was to post something inspired by the blogs that I commented on the day before.

I am a continuous blog hopper. I can read blog posts day in and day out and never get bored. If blog hopping was a game, I would have been the champion hands down. But I rarely make any effort to leave a comment and share a piece of my mind with the blogger. The assignment for Day 8 made me read others’ blogs with the objective goggles on. It did something. It opened up my mind. Instead of reading on the surface, I started reading to understand. 

I came across these excellent pieces on Human Trafficking by Suraj and on racism by Jonathan Olivier.

And I read this post about  ‘Not Harming Others‘, a translation of the world renowned saint poet Thiruvalluvar’s works, by NV Subbaraman. I recently started following his blog and there is a ton of information there. I am amazed to see that he posts everyday at around 5.30 AM.

By the way, as I’m writing this, I’m just realizing the thread that connects these three posts. All the three posts are against the harm imposed on other people. Now, how is that for coincidence?

If you are thinking that  I am going to continue about my views on harming/not harming others, you are wrong. I am not going to. Without an ounce of doubt, I appreciate and admire the above posts. But writing about serious issues is something that I am not comfortable with. Yet. I will take a cue from the above posts and refrain from harming you guys with my thoughts.

Then there was this post from Georgiemoon that was fun to read. An anti-bucket list. It was quite amusing. It is about the list of things that you never ever want to do in your life. I am so terrible that I neither have a bucket list nor an anti bucket list.  Not even a to-do list. I don’t know what I will do or not do in the future. Oh wait, does that mean I am living in the present? Am I enlightened? Not really. It may be just that my “nothing box” is bigger than usual and always active. (Refer first few minutes of ‘Tale of two brains‘ by Mark Gungor)

Another blog that I started following recently is that of Ioana, a music teacher from Romania. This blog is elegantly designed and wonderfully written.

There are lots of other blogs that I started following after I enrolled for Blogging 101 that I have not mentioned here. But, I am looking forward to connect with and learn from every one of them.