Day 11’s assignment in Blogging 101 course is to publish a post based on a blogging prompt. The prompt is as below :

Digging up your Digs – 500 years from now, an archaeologist accidentally stumbles on the ruins of your home, long buried underground. What will she learn about early-21st-century humans by going through (what remains of) your stuff?”

What an exciting topic! For me of course, not for the archaeologist. If the future mankind would be deciding the lifestyle of 21-st century humans based on my home out of all the 7 billion people in the world, then what can I say about the fate? All the seven billion people must have committed serious sins to be paid back by this Karma. Let’s assume that it happened by sheer will of the dark lord. What would the archaeologist think about 21st century humans?

She would see my hall, clothes thrown everywhere and probably say, “21st Century humans seem to have been wearing a strange fabric called jean and which they could wear for months without washing thus saving water, the elixir. They were very concerned about the natural resources. It also seems they were not afraid to utilize the space available freely. One could see clothes carefully placed in asymmetrical and random patterns everywhere. They had a very good taste for art

She would see my bookshelf and probably say, “21st century men were believer of gods. They seem to have read the sacred scriptures like Harry Potter (Book of Seven), The Lord of the Rings (Book of Three) and Game of Thrones (Complete scriptures not found). It also seems that they had a philosophy called Joke or Humour. It is believed that they experienced liberation by reading books on this philosophy. In fact, these philosophical books were gifted to people with ailments.

On the other hand, they also seemed to have been narcissists. They have innumerable scriptures on improving self. These books seemed to brainwash people, in different ways, into believing that they were not perfect and they needed to improve in order for them to look and feel good. It looks like at that point in time humans didn’t realize that others don’t give a damn about you unless you have this secret spell spelled m-o-n-e-y

She would see my DVD collections and probably say, “21st century men have been very intelligent than we imagined. They seemed to have found a way to bend the time and space and migrate people to other planets. It looks like the first man to pioneer this migration was Cooper and not Elon Musk. This is a key finding which people of our generation would term as blasphemy. But all this truth has been recorded as evidence in a disc named Interstellar. Also, they had hacked alien technology and fought wars against aliens as recorded in the disc – Independence Day. They were also the first to assemble an army of superheroes called The Avengers to tackle the attacks from other worlds.

She would probably see the unwashed plates in the kitchen sink and say, “21st century humans were very compassionate towards all living beings. They leave their dishes in the sink unwashed, until absolutely necessary, so that other tiny organisms like cockroaches and fruit flies could thrive on them. They were firm believer of maintaining natural ecology. I also believe 21st century humans were Anosmic for if they had olfactory functions they would not have survived in this smell

She would probably see my wardrobe and say, “21st century humans seemed to have this special place called wardrobe which they had very high regards for. They kept this place very clean and empty

She would see my picture hanging on the wall and probably say, “21st century men had magical powers. They didn’t need any cylinder or special suits to breathe. But they were douchebags!

(Note: This is purely fictional. My home is nowhere closer to this depiction. May be a little bit but not completely, alright?)