My first attempt at flash fiction with the prompt from Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner inspired by Amy Morris-Jones’ post. I have to warn you that this is my first attempt. Don’t expect anything extraordinary. In fact, having no expectations at all is good. Expectations hurt.

The prompt included the picture below, the opening sentence and no more than 200 words. Below is my first attempt with 204 words. I always deliver more than expected, don’t I? 😉


“I know it’s only been three weeks but I already like this place”, she said. She was gazing outside the mill’s window.

“I’m surprised. Most of the children who come here hate the job”, I said.

“Our family needs money. My father used to sell furniture for living”, she said. I waited for her to continue. “But it was our own“, she smiled, proud of her joke. It was heartening and disheartening both at the same time to see this innocent kid here.

“Tell me more about your father”

“My father said to me, ‘I always wanted you to have the things in life that never had’. So he got me this job”. I could see a slight smile in the corner of her lips. Is she innocent or is she more mature than I thought?

“What are you?”, she asked me.

“A trade unionist”

“Who’s a trade unionist?”, she asked again

“A trade unionist is someone who hates his job and is afraid that someone will take it from him”. I like that this girl is positive and I decided to respond to her in the same manner.

“I like you, I will see you around here”, she said as her shift began.