For my blog posts, I spend more time in formatting the post than coming up with the actual content. I’m not very comfortable with the built-in WordPress editor mainly because it is browser based. I prefer writing in an desktop version of any editor and copy paste the content to the built-in editor before publishing.

I tried simple editors like notepad & notepad++ but the obvious issue is formatting the whole thing in WordPress editor. I tried typing my content in Evernote. It worked well for normal texts but it screwed up the bullets. Then I tried Microsoft Word. It completely messed up the html code and reformatting was a headache. I googled a litlte bit and learnt that Windows Live Writer is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for WordPress. So I decided to give it a shot. The link below neatly explains the steps to configured WordPress with Windows Live Writer and some common issues.

The setup was fairly easy and it was up and running in less than a couple of minutes. Here are my observations:

1. Once you configure WLW with your blog, it downloads the theme and adjusts the settings accordingly. If you change the theme, you can update the latest theme by going to Blog Account –> Update theme.

2. You can configure multiple blog accounts.

3. It gives you an option to either post a draft to the blog which you can check in browser or publish directly.

4. Once it downloads the theme settings, it will not allow to change the font size/fonts. I guess you have to customize the fonts in theme settings in WordPress.

5. It allows you to choose the categories and tags.

6. It even has an option to schedule the posts.


7. You can insert picture, hyperlinks, videos, Maps, tables etc

8. It has a preview tab at the bottom where you can preview how your blog will look like when you post it. In the preview, it looks like the fonts are too small, but when you post it looks okay.


9. It shows the html source as well.

Which editor or tool do you use for blogging? Is there any feature that stands-out?

PS: This is my first post to be published directly from WLW using a schedule. Hope it gets posted well. Fingers crossed!