Murphy was a genius. A visionary. He knew the absolute truth. When you want something, you will never get it. I boarded the public transport to get to work. Yesterday was a long day. I was cranky as I had to burn the midnight oil to resolve some critical issues at work. So I was generally in an irritable mood. Isn’t it amazing what a lack of proper sleep could do to you? The beautiful flower that you would pick from the road and smell on any other  day suddenly becomes a hindrance in your path. You step on the flower and mash it while yelling ‘THIS. IS.  SPARTAAA!’

I thought some music would help me relax and took out the earphones. And it was tangled for life. I know! You are saying why don’t I get a wireless one. I have one. It behaves posh. It would easily connect to my iPad or my Bose speakers but with my android phone, it makes a fuss. So I prefer to carry earphones. After 20 mins of trying with mother-of-all-focusses, it got tangled even more. I had no idea where the ends were. I reached workplace by the time.

The boss was already in and he called me into his office. His room was adorned with the hangings about the company’s values. He pointed to the one that said “Exceed expectations” and remarked “That’s what I expect from everyone. It should not have taken this long for you solve that issue. You know what? I could solve any problem in five minutes“. I exercised my right to remain silent. I may have smiled a little bit, I think. But he insisted. “Come on. I am not joking. Throw me a problem. I will solve it in five minutes“. I slowly pulled out the headphones from my pocket and placed it in front him. Pointing to the hanging that screamed “Challenge the status quo”, I said “Your time starts now!” and walked out like a boss.