I spoke to him. He seemed quite frustrated with his boss. He has been pulling more than his weight for the past few months but his boss doesn’t seem to appreciate his efforts. The positive accomplishments went unnoticed while the smallest of the mistakes was scrutinized under an electron microscope in Cirque de Soleil. It looked like his boss doesn’t mince words when it comes to criticising. He clearly was unhappy.

I spoke to his boss. The boss said that he was loaded with work and the last thing that he wanted to do was to spoon feed everything to the former. He needed to be informed of anything that he needs to know from his team. Not from others. No surprises. Period. When others ask him about something, he needed to be in a position to answer. Not keeping him in the loop about the progress makes him look like he doesn’t know what his own team is working on. Good or bad, he needed to be informed so that he can rightly manage. Fair enough!

I spoke to others. They were clearly uninterested and didn’t care.