The apartment that I am staying in has a nice east-facing balcony. One of my favourite activities is to stand there and enjoy the sunrise while sipping a steaming hot cup of filter coffee. That’s how most of my days start. A quick few minutes of silence and calmness before the madness of the day begins.

I enjoy the environment of the orange sky, chirping of the birds, occasional whistling of the pressure cookers elsewhere and the smell & the steam of the freshly brewed coffee hitting the nostrils. I am usually in the zombie mode before gulping down my first coffee and so, I don’t have too many thoughts going around in my head. (On a side note, it would be a cool idea to make a Zombie movie where the humans fight-off Zombies during apocalypse using truck loads of coffee sprayed all over the Zombies or by asking a Zombie out for a coffee. Weird!)

Today, when I was on the balcony looking at the sunrise, I did something unimaginable that I didn’t do so far and many people still don’t do. I started thinking.

I have been bombarded by something or the other about the sunrise and the sunset in the past week. Be it a fun question in the blogging community that asked If I like sunrise or sunset, a beautiful view of the sunset from office, the sudden resurgence of the nostalgic ad for Sunrise brand coffee or the recollection of a joke from a friend who asked why do people take photos of sunset at the vista points when they could just download it from Google. I think the antenna in my tiny brain was tuned to the frequencies of sunrise and sunset this week. The neura-link (sorry, Elon Musk) was set on fire and I started thinking.

Some people enjoy sunrise, some people enjoy sunset. Have you ever wondered why? Some people are themselves like a sunrise or a sunset. They make people around them happy. The warmth they give, the calmness they spread and the lives that they touch! 

Some people are like both. They come up in life like a sunrise. It is beautiful to see them rising up. The whole world comes to life when they rise. Everybody around them is happy. The energy they exhibit is full of vitamins and people revel in hope. They celebrate the beginning of the new day or new era. 

And then comes a phase when they are shining at their brightest. They know they have come a long way. They sit on top of the people and burn them. They give away way too much heat and people get exhausted. By this time, people start looking forward towards the sunset. 

When the time comes, they are on the path of decline. The people around them rejoice in the sunset. They celebrate the event in the evening. There is calmness that is spread everywhere. The mood is pleasant. People can sleep peacefully hoping for a new sunrise the next day refusing to believe that this cycle is eternal. 

Sun is farthest from the earth during sunrise and sunset and closest to the earth around noon. That is why some people are amazing to look at from a distance. It is a completely different story when they are close.

The moon, on the other hand, will be completely with you sometimes, only partially available sometimes, and sometimes, it is not available at all. Yet, its nature and gentleness stays the same. Maybe, this is why the poets used to fancy and write more about the moon than the sun.

The thought-train came to a halt when the coffee was over and the sun started shining brightly on my face. I had to get ready for the madness that was about to begin.