Mental health awareness post from one of the blogging communities I am part of.

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“I need help.”
Those simple words may be the most difficult thing anyone experiencing mental health disorders may ever have to utter. You have a sore knee, you see a doctor. You’re losing weight and feeling exhausted all of the time? See a doctor, of course. But if you’re just feeling ‘out of it’ and not like yourself, like something is wrong but you’re not sure what…How many people would even think to compassionately ask, “Do you think you might be depressed?”
Sadly, the contrary is more true. Depressive symptoms are dismissed, belittled, ridiculed, ignored, and the person suffering is left feeling worse than ever. Sadder still, is that, due to the way American healthcare is set up with most insurance requiring you see a primary care doctor first, many people still don’t get referred for psychiatric help by their PCP (Primary Care Physician). PCP’s are not trained to recognize…

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