I was browsing through all the curated content on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Tonnes of content is being churned out on this topic. Everyone, from Wharton university graduate to WhatsApp university graduate, has voiced out his/her opinions, facts, and wild imaginations on this topic. One of the links click-baited me with the title that a novel written 40 years ago had predicted this outbreak. Now, I am all ears for Nostradamus kind of stuff. I took the bait and opened the link. 

The article was describing Dean Koontz’s 1981 novel, The Eye of the Darkness, which mentions a deadly virus called Wuhan-400 being developed in the lab with a 100% kill rate. Out of the three numbers mentioned in the previous line, the one that caught my eye was 1981. I thought, β€˜Hey, the title mentioned the novel was written more than 40 years ago. But 1981 is just a year before I was born’.Β 

And then it hit me on the face.