The world is going bonkers over Covid-19. The lock-downs across the world to prevent the spreading reminds me of Zombie Apocalypse. Thankfully, we have to stay indoors and don’t have to do a parkour run with a baseball bat.

Truth is that the fatality rate of Covid-19 is low but the scale of spread is too high causing more damage overall. When the body count across the globe is lingering around 9000, we cannot really reason on low fatality rate. Taking precautions, staying safe, not panicking and embracing temporary boredom will do greater good to you and others. Do not hoard the essentials, be considerate to others. As the Ancient One told Dr. Strange, 

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“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Applying this quote to the current chaotic situation, I thought there is an opportunity to look at the brighter side of this COVID-19 pandemic situation.  It is boring to see only the dark side. I am listing down some of the positive things that I observed in this situation, again, from my perspective.

  1. The pollution in the major cities is going down. 
  2. People have realized how good or bad their planning or their response to a crisis is.
  3. Organizations around the world who had strong opinions against work from home have realized the importance and the value of working from home. 
  4. More face time with the family.
  5.  As I mentioned elsewhere, I played family Bingo after a long time. All those board games hidden in the toy pile are getting a life.
  6. Was able to feed my son more number of times this week. Earlier it was a weekend affair. (Just to make it clear – my wife feeds him on the other days)
  7. Communication has improved with near and dear. 
  8. Didn’t have to wear jeans. Can work wearing shorts or dhoti. 
  9. Less human distractions. Less number of walking breaks/coffee.
  10. No need to fake a sincere look in the boring meeting. 
  11. Zero eating out or ordering in. All meals cooked at home. Healthy and cost-effective, like it should have always been.
  12. Reduced crowd during morning walks. 
  13. Reduced honking on the road. 
  14. Finding creative ways to pass time.
  15. No commute time. More time to read/blog/relax. 
  16. Increased engagement in blogging communities
  17. Good excuse for not hitting the gym
  18. Full utilization of Amazon Prime and other online subscriptions. 
  19. With cricket coaching suspended, more time to sleep in on the weekend.
  20. Improved work productivity due to less distractions and increased focus.

Good and evil co-exist. May be something good will come out of this bad. Let’s hope for the best and keep looking at the positive side. I just want to end this post by sharing Matt D’Avella’s tips on handling uncertainity

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