Dear Life, 

You are a mystery. One half of the population celebrates you and one-half blames you. You are often mistaken for luck or fate.

The way I see you, you are a complex highway between two prominent points – life and death. You happen to be there for everyone. But, why is then the difference between the lives of everyone? Why some people live longer and some shorter? Why some people are eternally happy and some are eternally sad? Why some people thrive extra-ordinarily and some people never make enough to make ends meet? 

Manufacturing defects. Just like some vehicles have manufacturing defects and some don’t, some people have that genetic illness or disability that will not allow them to enjoy the drive fully. 

Maintenance issues. You will find good vehicles maintained poorly that perform poorly. It is no different in life. Some people squander away their health by not taking care of their most important asset – themselves. As a result, they don’t go too far and have to be refueled forcefully at the hospital or give it away. People who maintain properly and regularly tend to go farther and also enjoy the ride. 

Wrong priorities. Some people just focus on the destination and forget to enjoy the drive itself. What they don’t know is there is the highway is much more longer and when you reach the destination early, all you have is the regret of not paying attention all along the way. 

Looking backwards. There are some people who keep looking back at their life and dwell too much in the past. It is like they are driving looking at the rear view mirror instead of the windshield. They are not getting far, they are not reaching anywhere faster. They drive the entire way whining, holding a grudge and pressing the brake in fear more often than required. 

Accidents. There are accidents caused by genuine mistakes. It just happens. 

And then there are also some people who gave up midway because they are just plain stupid.

There are numerous victory parades, pleasant long drives, numerous vista points and all other good stuff. 

Can you really be blamed for the bad things that happen or can you be attributed too much for all the good things? You are just there. For everyone to travel from source to destination.

Yours, Student

In response to: Let’s write letters – Blogging Community Challenge

Feature Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash