Dear Past, Future and Present Self,

It feels weird to write a letter to self. If not for the Letter Writing Challenge posed in Blogging Community, I would have never done this. I would have assumed that you will know how to handle each stage of yours. There is nothing that lasts permanently. What I tell you today, might change by the time you may finish reading this letter. I could drench you with all the advice that I can from my current vantage point but hey, this may not be relevant at your timeline. 

But, I have found something that is timeless. This has always helped you, is helping you and will help you. If I want you to take one thing by heart and never forget, it is this:

Pic Courtesy: ZenFlowChart website

Stick this as a poster in your home, use this as your desktop background or even tattoo it in your forearms. This will help you in dealing with a tricky situation in your career, dealing with difficult people that you come across and cruise through the most difficult times that you face. It may not help you solve the problem completely but it will help you not to freak out. 

And one more, don’t give up on those silly jokes. Ever.


Timeless Self

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