This is one of the better things that happened during the lock-down. The Indian Jam Project dropped another video. This time, it is the Indian rendition of the famous Eagles’ song, Hotel California.

I can officially declare myself a fan-boy of The Indian Jam Project. They are super talented, humble and just the missing piece that the world needs. I have written about their previous tributes multiple times. Go and check out the menu “the indian jam project” in my site.

Obviously, there are many more tributes that could make you emotional, particularly, if you had enjoyed the originals like Harry Potter, Rains of Castemere, Coldplay’s Fix You, The Beatles’ Hey Jude and many more. Please visit their channel here and subscribe and shower some love. They will not disappoint you. In my opinion they are the most underrated talent in the YouTube world.

You can listen to the Indian Rendition of the Hotel California below. Enjoy.

What do you think of this rendition? Which one of their work is your favourite?