Brace yourselves for one more cooking related post. I had last four potatoes and few pieces of other veggies left over before we could refill. My daughter wanted something for a snack.

Based on the good response for my previous attempts circulated on WhatsApp, I decided to try something new again (new for me but an age old dish). The self-imposed condition was that I can use only the microwave and not the stove.

I searched for recipes and found this one from Tarla Dalal fairly easy.

I didn’t have all the items mentioned and I did a little bit of swapping: Cauliflower instead of brocolli, no corn and eggless mayonaisse instead of cheese.

The end result was good. It was filling and tasty. Cheese might have been a better option though. And bigger potatoes could have helped. But, the family loved it. That is all that matters. Isn’t it?

PS: Writing this post while waiting in queue to buy vegetables. I have to go home and do the the ten step process after this. Wish me luck.

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