Last Friday was our weekly vegetable purchase day. The vendor was scheduled to arrive at our gated community (or society, as it is commonly called here) at 10 am. I was all ready to go down and stand in line from 9.45 am and I was just savoring my cup of chai before that. My wife announced that somebody in her WhatsApp group had posted pictures of people already standing in the queue. I did a bottoms-up of the remaining chai with steam coming out of my mouth like an engine, grabbed the phone and the bags to go and stand in the queue. When I went there, there wasn’t a single soul around. 

I called up my wife. “Is it in the usual place or they have changed the place this week”

“Usual place. Why?”, she replied

Do you know the door number of the person who sent you the picture of people standing in the queue?

No. Why?

Because murdering someone could help me control my rage. There is not a single person here. Including the vendor. He has not arrived yet.”

Oh sorry. Do you want to come up now?

No. Only 15 more mins to go. I will pass the time here on my mobile

Just to be sure, I stood near the first box drawn on the floor. Whenever the vendor would come, I would be the first person to get the vegetables. Not too bad. About ten minutes later, few people turned up and stood promptly in the designated boxes. Then the society manager came by and informed us that the vendor was running late by an hour and that he would be in the premises at 11 am. There was a clear sound of disapproval emanating from everyone who was in the queue. Some were contemplating going home and being back by 10.45 to stand in the queue. I called up my wife and I told her the situation. I decided to catch up on my walk instead. It has been a while since I walked around the society and it was looking good with trees covering to form a nice avenue. 

Path around the society

I also got an idea to write a blog post while walking. I needed both my hands busy in typing. So, I placed the bags that I was carrying in the designated box and went to walk around the society. I did not realize at that moment that I may have started something unprecedented. 

It was quite good to walk freely after a month or so. While walking, I wrote and updated my blog with a post about baked potatoes. I felt very productive about posting something even though I have a huge catching up to do on reading others’ posts. After about 20 minutes, when I passed the same place, I saw the queue. With myself placed first in the queue. How? This is what I saw. 

No man’s queue

The people might have thought I had used the “handkerchief method” to reserve my place in the queue and they promptly followed. Except that I was still walking near the place while they went back home. Normally, I would have been embarrassed to do that, but since I didn’t intentionally do it, I was amused. I found this funny. And, I still got to buy the vegetables first which is a huge advantage in a society of 112 families. It was a lion’s share and here is our kill after following the ten step process

A herbivorous lion’s share

Do you have any unintended funny moments that you would like to share? 

Take care and stay healthy.