Veg, Non-veg etcetra

He was from an orthodox brahmin family from South India. [A politically incorrect statement at many levels to start a post with]. He was not too orthodox or religious himself but he did believe in half of the stuff that was preached by his family and elders. According to the house rules, there were many things that could attract the maximum punishment in the after-life. The most common yet important violation is eating non-vegetarian food. One may think this is a trivial issue. It is not. Nobody understood his everyday battles.

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Blast from the past

I have an interest in minimalism. I say I have an interest instead of I am a minimalist is pretty obvious. I want to follow minimalism and intentionality in everything I own and do but let’s be honest, this is pretty difficult. Marie Kondo asks you to hold the object in your hand and ask yourselves a question “Does this spark joy?”. I almost always get a yes for this question.

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Google Family Link and How to reactivate your child’s Gmail Account

There was a time when the wedding date used to be fixed based on the date dictated by an almanac, when the stars of the bride and the groom were aligned well. Then a few decades earlier, the trend changed. One had two or three different options for the wedding date. The final deciding factor was not the alignment of stars alone. The deciding factor was the availability of the wedding hall. Out of the three options, the date when the wedding hall was free became your wedding day.

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Reading Challenge – 2019


An Awkward Intro

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Christmas is over and it only means that the new year is peeking around the corner. This is that time of the year when most people – YouTubers, bloggers, life coaches, motivational speakers, mentors –  reflect on their accomplishments this year and think about the new resolutions to kick start the coming year. This is the time when people decide, based on their respective caliber, how much money to burn for the gym membership. Brace yourselves for the tsunami of 2020 resolutions and goals related posts.

The Build-Up

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Ray of hope

Ray of Hope

When things don’t go well as planned,

when you are unsure of where your life is headed towards,

when you need some inspiration,

Seek nowhere else but nature.

Sometimes, all you need is a beautiful Ray of Hope.


[Before you start thinking that something is wrong with my life, stop. Nothing is wrong. I captured this beautiful scene from my workplace. Picture may speak a thousand words, but add a message and it speaks thousand and a ten.

I wish you and your near & dears, a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year! Cheers!]

No Sugar

Don’t eat that biscuit. It has transfats“, he told me. I didn’t have a clue then, or now, about transfats. But from his expression, I got that it was a bad thing to let in your system. I took out a box of Kaju Katlis (Cashew cake) I had brought from India and almost shoved in his face, “This doesn’t have transfats. I hope.

No. But it has added sugar. Refined sugar. Do you know how harmful it is to your body?
I obviously have heard about it but never used to care about it. I noticed this behaviour with many of my Indians colleagues who migrated to The States. All the others used to take at least a small piece out of politeness. I had and still have a sweet tooth. I scoffed at his advice, considered him to be old and made a mental note of not offering anything to him in the future.

Fast forward a decade and few years, I am more or less the age he was then. And I am considering quitting added/refined sugar.

I have seen many stories of people quitting refined sugar and bursting with energy all day, saving a lot of money and losing weight. The idea of having all the 3 benefits is quite tempting. I am thinking of taking a 30-day challenge of avoiding refined sugar. It is more difficult for me as I have a sweet tooth. And I literally run on Coffee (with sugar).

A few months ago, I took a challenge to drink at least 3l of water every day for a month. I posted about it here. But sugar is a whole different beast. I have tried multiple times but I have failed this challenge. I wish I could quote Jaime Escalante for motivation:

Life is not about how many times you fall. It’s about how many times you get back up.

But this meme explains the actual fact.