Another year has passed by and we are in the new year.  The new year brings new hopes, new energy, and new goals.  Many people make new year resolutions and many don’t. I used to make some when I was younger and I invariably broke them within a week.  Where’s the fun in making resolutions if you can’t break them? Then I lost interest and felt silly making resolutions on the new year day. If I really needed a change, I would and should not be waiting for the new year.

Anyway, this new year I was having second thoughts about resolutions. Why not give it a shot this year and see if I can keep up? It was the first day of the new year and I thought long and hard.

10:00 AM (01-Jan, Sunday) – Last year I have been working hard on holidays and some weekends. The job demanded that sometimes. So this year, I need to push back and stop working on weekends. I should focus more on personal health. Let’s make this a resolution. No more work at odd hours, no more work on weekends, no more work on holidays.

12:30 PM (01-Jan, Sunday) – Ding! Email Alert!  “Production Database Server Down”

03:00 AM (02-Jan, Monday) – Ding! Email from US boss! “Thank you, team! For working through the night diligently to resolve the issues over the weekend”

Now, that’s what I call a great start to the new year! Looking forward to the rest of it!


Consequences of Laziness

Dear People,

We are nearing the end of 2016. Another year passed by just like that. Good things and bad things happened around the world. Take what is good and leave what is bad. Because what is bad for you may be good for somebody else. Whether something is good or bad is subjective. I have talked about this earlier. So I am not going to dwell too much on it. But, there are some common enemies. In my last post, I briefly touched about Procrastination though I shed some positive light on that. In this one, I am going to talk about its cousin Laziness.

Everybody has been lazy at some point in time. It is only the degree of laziness that decides the success or failure. I am going to lay down few verses from Thirukkural, written over 2000 years ago, which talks about the ill effects of laziness. It shows that laziness is as old and as indestructible as cockroaches. This poet has dedicated one section of 10 verses on the topic.  The topic is named “Not being lazy”.

குடியென்னும் குன்றா விளக்கம் மடியென்னும்
மாசூர மாய்ந்து கெடும்.

Even though one’s family has a good legacy, it quickly dies if he has the darkness of laziness.

மடியை மடியா ஒழுகல் குடியைக்
குடியாக வேண்டு பவர்.

If one wants to maintain or increase the dignity of his family, he has to eradicate laziness from his conduct and put in the right efforts.

மடிமடிக் கொண்டொழுகும் பேதை பிறந்த
குடிமடியும் தன்னினும் முந்து.

The glory of the family of an ignorant man, whose conduct is defined by laziness,  quickly perishes even before him.

குடிமடிந்து குற்றம் பெருகும் மடிமடிந்து
மாண்ட உஞற்றி லவர்க்கு.

The family glory decays and faults increases for the ignorant man who give way to laziness and put forth no dignified efforts.

நெடுநீர் மறவி மடிதுயில் நான்கும்
கெடுநீரார் காமக் கலன்.

Procrastination, forgetfullness, laziness and over indulgence in sleep – these four things form a small boat that is desired by those who are down the path of desctruction.

படியுடையார் பற்றமைந்தக் கண்ணும் மடியுடையார்
மாண்பயன் எய்தல் அரிது.

Even though an idle person may be blessed with the wealth of all the kings ruling the earth, he rarely dervies any benefit out of it.

இடிபுரிந்து எள்ளுஞ்சொல் கேட்பர் மடிபுரிந்து
மாண்ட உஞற்றி லவர்.

Those who do not make dignified efforts due to laziness will subject themselves to condemnation and reproach.

மடிமை குடிமைக்கண் தங்கின்தன் ஒன்னார்க்கு
அடிமை புகுத்தி விடும்.

If laziness becomes the characteristic of a person from a good family, it will make him a slave of his enemies.

குடியாண்மை யுள்வந்த குற்றம் ஒருவன்
மடியாண்மை மாற்றக் கெடும்.

When a person overcomes and gets away from laziness, the disgrace brought upon his family will disappear.

மடியிலா மன்னவன் எய்தும் அடியளந்தான்
தாஅய தெல்லாம் ஒருங்கு.

The king who does not give way to laziness will obtain all the wealth passed over by Him who measured the worlds with His foot (God)

I wish you, and your nears and dears, a very active, prosperous, and a very happy new year. May this new year destory the laziness in your life and bless you with abundant health, wealth and knowledge.



Creative Procrastination

The exercise for day-7 is to post something based on a social media message. I was given an option of 5 tweets and I have to pick one and write about what it triggers. Since the following theme is more prevalent in my blog and very relatable to me, I’m picking the one with the magic word – procrastination. Warning: Quote heavy.

I can’t decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it – Grant Snider

A good statement is something that sparks some serious thoughts that mess you up. This one does. This tweet started a cold war between my mind and my heart. My heart says procrastination is very essential for creativity but the mind says it kills creativity. The Internet and the world self-help books have educated everybody that procrastination is the thief of time and opportunity’s assassin. There are some hard hitting quotes like the following:

Procrastination is, hands down, our favourite form of self-sabotage – Alyce P.Cornyn-Selby

 Procrastination is for people who don’t have any self-respect. Figure your shit now – Anonymous

Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy – Wayne Gretzky

And then there are some quotes which are in a slightly motivating tone.

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right – Napolean Hill

Begin. To begin is half the work. Let Half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished – Marcus Aurelius

One can find a treasure trove of quotable quotes about procrastination, overcoming procrastination and success. But, you could hardly find anything that says ‘Procrastination is the sucker of creativity’ or ‘Procrastination makes you dumb’ or ‘Not procrastinating makes you creative’. We should ask why. Is it because it actually is essential for creativity? Does procrastination increase/induce creativity? It is a well-known fact that Mark Twain and Jerome K Jerome were both very creative. And what did they say?

Never put off until tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well – Mark Twain

I like work: it fasicnates me. I can sit and look at it for hours – Jerome K Jerome

I hear you. Quotes are just interesting statements picked completely out of random so that it can be used in any context. But hey, if it helps us make a point, we should use it by all means. I am not saying Mark Twain or Jerome k Jerome were procrastinators or idlers. They were, in fact, the opposite of it because they got the books published. Maybe, they published later than they initially thought and made the books more interesting? Food for thought.

From my personal experience, I can say that procrastination helps in being creative. I have been in situations where, due to various reasons, I had not started my work until the deadline was near. But, once the deadline was in sight, my mind started thinking in all the ways possible to quickly finish the task. You get to finish the task, you get the adrenaline rush (no need of bungee jumping) and you also get to find a creative way of doing things. That’s a triple bonus. Why is it so? Maybe the following quote is a fact?

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I will leave it to your pondering. Cheers!

Space to write

The day-6 exercise of Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration is Space to write. Describe the place where you write.

This is going to be an easy task. I write most of my posts either from my bedroom or in a cab while I am on the way to work. Everybody knows how a cab is. To give an idea about how my bedroom will be, I will have to take you back in time and share my earlier post. A fiction that is close enough to reality -> Digging up your digs


Find, then Forward


Social media has great benefits. It has greater disadvantages. It has become a battleground. People take sides and strive hard to one-up the others to show that their belief, their idea, their religion, their favorite actor, even their dog is the best one. The Internet is a great equalizer in that it gives the same amount of freedom to both intelligent and the dumb. When the dumbs mob the social media with useless posts, unverified information and their speculations which are light years away from the truth, the quality of the content quickly degrades. Anybody and everybody with an access to internet has become a warrior, moral police, critic or a judge.

I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig, you get dirty; and besides, the pig likes it. – George Bernard Shaw

Many intellectuals stay away from the battleground thus leading to an explosion in the volume of misinformed content. Many a times, we don’t even know if the information that we are getting on internet is a valid information or it is just a hoax. What is appalling is that people forward and reshare any content without even applying common sense, forget about verifying the information. A recent example could be the tracking chip in the newly introduced ₹2000 note during currency demonitisation in India. The forward was rich with technical details that people easily bought into that as a fact. Or another forward “Parenting tips from 2000 years old Thirukkural”. Thirukkural is a great book but the information that was being forwarded was not from that book. It is but an irony that the same Thirukkural insists that one should investigate and find the real truth about whatever he or she might hear from whomever.

Everyone of us should take a moment to verify the information that we might receive from various sources. Only if we find it legit, we should forward to others. If not, we should not forward it further. Simply refraining from forwarding that message goes a long way in the preventing the rumours from spreading. So, forward responsibily people! Remember Uncle Ben’s words – With great power, comes great responsibilty.

Note: This quote is from Thirukkural. Thirukkural is a great book on Ethics written by the poet Thiruvalluvar more than 2000 years ago in Tamil. This book is one of the most translated books. You can read about the book in this Wikipedia Page.

Note 2: Today’s post was written for Day-5 exercise of Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration. The task was to begin the post with a quote as a hook. An epigraph.

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The Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami 2004

12 years ago on the same day, the coastal areas of Indonesia, India and Srilanka were worst hit by Tsunami where thousands of precious lives were lost. We had not heard the word Tsunami before. I was right there at the Marina Beach, Chennai playing a game of Cricket with friends when we witnessed Tsunami. Reblogging the post where I had written about the experience here. Thanks to Almighty, me and my friends are all safe and still spoiling the world. Cheers!

Pointless & Prosaic

The incident happened almost a decade back while we were still in college and didn’t sign up yet for the corporate rat race. It’s probably too late to post now but nevertheless it will be a record. Remember, the word tsunami was introduced to Indians only after this calamity.

26 Dec 2004 – Sunday

Unlike the present time Sundays in anyway, we used to get up early and play cricket in the Marina Beach – the second longest beach in the world. People were allowed to play cricket in those times in the beach. It was just like any other Sunday and our team Triplicane Tigers Criket Team (TTCT) was playing against one of the three usual rival teams. Our team batted first and had scored low. Its time for fielding.

As I am a good fielder and I could throw well, I was standing in the sweeper cover area…

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